About us

Women building better communities

Incorporated in 1940, the Junior League of Wheeling (JLW) is one of Wheeling’s most active and vital service organizations. Throughout its history, JLW has successfully implemented community projects and programs that directly benefit the Upper Ohio Valley.


JLW is committed to initiating and supporting community projects and the vision and dedication of our members is embodied in such projects as Girl On Fire, Kids in the Kitchen, Done in a Day and many others.

Our members generously donate their time, energy and enthusiastic efforts, focusing on the needs of women and children throughout the Ohio Valley.


Over the past 80 years we have provided women and children with valuable resources including CPR training, financial planning assistance, literacy programs, domestic violence prevention programs, teen voluntarism, physical and mental health services and countless personal items ranging from diapers to school supplies.

The Junior League of Wheeling impacts the community by providing volunteers, financial support, and administrative guidance.

In partnership with Association of Junior Leagues International Inc. (AJLI), the global Junior League network consists of 293 leagues across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Great Britain with a collective membership of more than 155,000 women! To learn more about AJLI, please visit ajli.org.